“250 years ago the Heroes of Legend freed the world from the Dark lords that ruled it. The masters of all that lived in the lands fell one by one to the might of these chosen few. With each great victory they grew strong, and with every mighty conquest the enslaved peoples of Tanora rose to follow them. In the end it was the world fought together to chase away the shadows of the Darkness that had existed in the land.

After the Dark lords were gone the realms were split, each hero assigned land to oversee and aid in its revitalization. Destroying the old crypt-towers, the frightening images of demons and devils, and dark dragons and terrors none wished to see again. The people took away the chains and the bars and removed the symbols and runes. The heroes guided the deconstruction and were careful to hide away the magics and the articles instead of simply destroy them. The fact that the former Lords came from elsewhere sticking to the minds of all that were now free. This time of rebuilding lasted a decade, only a decade after years of suffering.

There was one among the Heroes that was not like the rest in his opinion of the world. He wished to sit atop the world as the next Dark Lord. His allies opposed him strongly, and the fighting began anew. The followers of each great hero took up arms and prepared to end this next conflict in battle. And in the beginning this is how it was, army against army, man against man. However, there were those that lived alongside the masters among the armies of the hero now known as the Dark One. This fact only emblazoned the rage of his former allies and even his began to leave him. With this, the Dark One retreated to the edges of the land… waiting for his eventual defeat. His silence was not accepted by the realm, and his former allies gave chase. It was then that the true nature of the Dark One came to light.

As the great Army of the realm closed on the Dark One’s keep the sun went out as a candle. The great wings of an Ancient Dragon enveloped the army in darkness, and as his jaws parted the war began. All the mages of the realm could easily stop the breath of this foul creature, however they were not prepared for the darkness to have stolen the tongues of all within it. A great many warrior was lost at this opening attack, and from the top of the beasts back came hurtling a dark form. The earth shook as the dark figure struck with meteoric force, throwing many fighters yards away from the impact. The dark one knelt there amidst the armies inside the darkness. As he stood to his proper height, so did those that had just fallen, rising weapons at hand. Thus began the battle anew, a silent battle void of the clang of steel. Those that fell in battle only to rejoin against their brothers.

This first battle in what became known as the Great clash lasted mere hours before the Dark One was obviously slated to win. He sent the message directly into every mind on the field, “Leave this place now, or never see light again.”

There were none that did not believe the Dark Ones words that day, and the retreat was swift. The fallen army of the Dark One stood to watch the fleeing enemy before collapsing to the ground. This loss did not end the great war however, and the remaining Heroes sent in strike teams and spies in an attempt to steal the secrets and hopefully the life of the Dark one. However, little was learned and the battle continued.

After so long, the Heroes became aware of the heavens more acutely, and ascended to a greater plain. In this form they became able to inhibit the power of the Dark One and sent message to their followers below. As the battles across the land erupted again, it was apparent that the Dark One had been well prepared. In every city he had an army to split the war and distract the world. It was in the tumultuous time that the last of the great heroes was born into the battles. Flying over the armies of the Dark One with wings that glimmered in the light, and a strength that awed the world.

As the Hero of Light pushed back the forces of the Dark One the world saw hope at his back. This great shimmering figure led them to the keep once more, where he slaughtered the great dragon… and pinned the Dark One. As the war erupted behind him and the Dark One fought with treacherous magics and foul tricks, the Hero drove his blade into that foul creatures heart.

What happened next, no one knows… but truth be told I’m not sure I want to. Not a single soul returned to tell the story. Only the message left by that last truest hero.

“Be ready. Always be Ready. The Dark One shall return!”" and with that the old man drifted off to sleep.

Shards of a distant Memory